PRP offers these predesigned residential plans as an alternative to hiring one of our design professionals for the Schematic Design phase of your project.

Our goal in offering these is to reduce the cost of the Design Phase which can be prohibitive for families building a home. This phase can comprise 25% of the overall design cost. This may affect overall affordability or savings you get to invest elsewhere in design.

Each Plan boasts a small foot print, the potential for solar panels and an energy efficient building envelope. With our help you can build them as “green” as you like and customize to your needs and tastes. See below for examples and details.

Each PLAN purchase includes the Basic Drawing Set:
A1.1: Abbreviated Specifications + General Notes, Bid Process Guidelines, (2) Rendered 3D Views
A2.1: Dimensioned Foundation Plan(s), Dimensioned Floor Plan(s), Floor Framing Plan(s), Roof Framing Plan(s)
A3.1: Front, Back, and 2 Side Elevations w/ material callouts, Generic Window + Door Schedule
A4.1: Typical Wall Section(s), Lateral Building Section, Longitudinal Building Section
Each PLAN purchase can be augmented with the Expanded Drawing Set:
A1.2: Expanded Specifications + General Notes to include cabinet, countertop, other finish and material specifications
A2.2: Light + Switching Plan, Lighting + Switching Schedule for each floor
A5.1: Interior Elevations (entire kitchen, exemplary bathroom cabinet walls, Fireplace walls, etc.), Finish Schedule


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    • Designs shown herein can be modified. Contact PRP for pricing at 859-268-1720.
    • Interior Design:  At additional cost our interior designers can help you to select color ways and fixture styles. Interior elevations of feature walls describing cabinetry functions, countertop finishes, accent wall colors, plumbing fixtures and lighting / switching solutions for each floor can be a part of the Interiors package.
    • Exterior Design Options to consider: Universal access ramps, decks, handrail assemblies, sun shade structures, solar arrays, and water features can be added or subtracted from the drawings as a function of building orientation and owner preferences.
    • Custom interior and / or exterior color consultations are available.

Resource and energy efficient homes elevate in value over time as they embody aspects of stewardship that are increasingly valued; a lower carbon footprint, resource efficiency, and healthy living. Basic Drawing Sets include a highly efficient building envelope, maximized R-values, and sealing objectives. While we strongly encourage renewable energy sources such as geothermal and/or solar PV, HVAC system specifications are site / region specific and so are not specified herein. Your no-cost one hour post-purchase consultation with our architect / LEED AP will help you to identify your preferred options. Rainwater harvesting and low flow plumbing fixtures are also highly recommended and these “green” specifications can be part of an Interiors consultation package. NOTE: We encourage certification through the US Green Building Council’s LEED for Homes program or other credible third party verified rating system.

Because POHL ROSA POHL (PRP) cannot provide construction oversight it is the responsibility of the persons applying these plans to check compliance with pertinent (local) zoning and building codes, statutes and regulations. Adjustments can be made by contacting our office. PRP cannot be held liable for the structural integrity of any home built from these plans. It is the responsibility of the end user to obtain engineering and structural analysis and all required permits for construction. PRP is not liable for incidental, special, consequential or indirect damages of any kind, including but not limited to, loss of anticipated profits, business opportunities or any other economic loss arising from the use of plans purchased on this web site.

Copyright and license of house plans for construction are designed to protect both designer and purchaser. Recent changes in the US copyright laws allow for statutory penalties of up to $100,000 per incident for copyright infringement involving any of the copyrighted plans found on this site. This includes copying plans, copying any part of a plan to create another, and building a home without purchasing a set of drawings. If you suspect that a PRP plan has been copied or duplicated in any way we urge you to contact us. A reward may be offered to any person or organization that discovers copyright violations.

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