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Samara PohlSamara Pohl
21:40 09 Sep 20
The staff is fantastic! I love their aesthetic.
Mark BickerMark Bicker
00:30 11 Aug 20
We recently moved into our perfect modern house designed by Clive Pohl and PRP Architects. We could not be happier with it. Everyone who sees the home is so impressed. It is so unique and truly one-of-kind. Clive listened to our thoughts throughout the design process but then added all the flair and design elements that made it come together. He is a true professional, and made the whole process fun and exciting. If you truly want to live in a non-cookie cutter home, PRP is the best choice.
Kelly DavisKelly Davis
14:16 17 Apr 19
Any experience with Pohl Rose Pohl is amazing, the professionalism of the staff does not go unnoticed. Thank you for valuing me!
Chelsea StamperChelsea Stamper
23:07 10 May 17
Fantastic architects who TRULY care. I love how progressive Clive and his team are when it comes to environmental stewardship. I would highly recommend to anyone in Lexington.
Carol McConnellCarol McConnell
01:29 21 May 16
We hired Pohl Rosa Pohl to design a kitchen and powder room. We live in a Dutch Colonial in historic Ashland Park, Lexington, KY.Krisia Rosa is a brilliant architect! More importantly, Krisia is gentle and kind. After getting to know each other, and Krisia getting to know our home, we had a beautiful collaboration. It was effortless!Krisia Rosa does design work all over the country so I knew I was in for a treat! Krisia made us feel comfortable every step of the way. We were appreciative that she was considerate of our spending, too. I was lucky to be able to hang out with Krisia during the project. I learned so much and we had a blast making decisions together!I am looking forward to having Krisia Rosa on a future project...a beach house. When you can say you are looking forward to another RENOVATION, you know you chose an extraordinary architect! Thank you, Krisia Rosa!
19:18 17 May 16
I am delighted to write a very positive review for Krisia Rosa at Pohl Rosa Pohl. Ms. Rosa is a consummate artist in her profession; she is creative, skilled and communicates well. She has expanded our appreciation of the space we live in, both in terms of beauty and function. The only regrets I have had about either project is when I made the mistake of not to taking Ms. Rosa's advice; we have learned to trust her completely.We have worked with Krisia Rosa for two large projects. We first hired Ms. Rosa to completely renovate a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom home in 2014, and re-hired her a second time for a partial renovation of a 4 bedroom, 3.5 home in 2015.Besides being an excellent architect and talented in interior design, Krisia Rosa is a kind and patient professional. At the outset, she makes sure she understands how we plan to use the space and how we would like it to feel, and she designs it accordingly. We have learned, as with everything else, it is an iterative process between finding the right design for the budget. Ms. Rosa, in cooperation with the contractor, presented us cost/design trade-offs. We were pleased with the creativity and number of options Ms. Rosa provided in this process, all in keeping with our original ideas for the project.Ms. Rosa always showed us examples of her recommended materials, for our review. Further, for both projects, Ms. Rosa brought an enormous selection of paint swatches to our home, so we could make our selections based on exactly how the color would look in our home. Her creativity and expertise with color is one of Ms. Rosa's true gifts. She sees and describes color in a way I never previously experienced, and has encouraged my husband and me to use color creatively and boldly. We couldn't be happier with the result.One final comment - we are cost conscious, and there were a few times I made slight changes to Ms. Rosa's design. I always regretted it, and even decided to reverse my own plans after the construction had begun. I have learned that if we decide that something is too expensive, we just tell her and she provides other satisfactory options. It's a simple as that.We are very happy clients of Krisia Rosa, and have received high praise from others who know about architecture and design. A couple of compliments were: "Whoever you hired really knew what they were doing," and perhaps even more important, "This house is a beautiful reflection of who you are". We highly recommend Krisia Rosa, for projects large and small.

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POHL ROSA POHL, founded by brothers Clive and Graham Pohl with architect Krisia Rosa, built a solid foundation of design excellence, community service, and environmental stewardship.

Since Graham and Krisia’s retirement and the addition of Justin Ostrander and Romana (Romi) Kalova, PRP Architects has continued to build upon that foundation. Our team of artists and makers share a passion for design, a collaborative spirit, and the belief that artful place making is a powerful platform to inspire and improve our community. We recognize our passions and commitments as the life blood of our creativity and value them as the source of our talents and our capacity to serve.

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