Our Team


Clive Pohl

Owner / Principal Architect

As an artist / architect Clive builds relationships upon a foundation of trust. He uses music and the composition of building materials to turn our collective thoughts toward acceptance, inclusion, and planetary stewardship.


Romi Kalova

Operations Manager

Ms. Kalova, originally from the Czech Republic, has over 12 years experience with financial management. Romi oversees PRP Office Operations and accounting affairs while maintaining her passion and practice of the yoga of sound on her off hours. She leads many local yoga classes with her beautiful voice as well as specialty instruments.


Jill Farfan

Project Architect

Ms. Farfan is an artist / architect with over 20 years experience. Jill considers people first and foremost and engages with individuals throughout the creative process to uplift and inspire design creations through a collaborative process.


Justin Ostrander

Architectural Associate

Mr. Ostrander is an artist / designer with over five years of experience. He has a particular interest in place making and creating interactive public spaces that can be enjoyed by all.


Kenzie Dickens

Marketing Specialist

Ms. Dickens oversees the marketing and digital media aspects of the PRP team. She enjoys the creative aspects that architecture brings to our world. She is also a visual artist working mostly in mixed-media designs. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and fur babies as well as reading, hiking, and being outdoors.


Olivia de Bolivia

Furry Friend

Education: School of Life

Meet our office mascot, Olivia. She oversees office operations and ensures everyone is greeted appropriately. She is an international, bilingual doggie and enjoys life in Kentucky, especially the rolling hills and horse culture!