Full Architectural Services

We begin by documenting existing conditions. This includes obtaining a copy of the plat and measuring and photographing the site and any existing buildings. It may also include having a survey prepared and researching zoning and flood plain issues.

We engage our clients in a programming process that defines their needs and desires in a clear and concise format.

We prepare sketches for the client’s review. The sketches are then revised to incorporate the client’s comments, and this process is repeated until we arrive at a suitable solution. We prepare cost estimates along the way to ensure adherence to budget objectives.

This design process is made more effective – and enjoyable – by our use of 3D modeling. Clients are empowered by engaging a 3D model. They develop a more sophisticated understanding of their projects than those who view only two dimensional drawings, and they find it easier to provide effective feedback.

Detailed drawings needed for bidding, permits and construction are generated from the 3D model and then refined. The client receives accurate, thoroughly considered drawings and specifications to help ensure accuracy of the bids and integrity of the work.

We act as the client’s adviser during the bidding and negotiating process, assisting with bid analysis and contractor selection.

Pohl Rosa Pohl remains engaged throughout construction helping ensure that the finished product meets or exceeds expectations.