Eco-friendly architecture design begins with an understanding that a project’s components are interdependent systems.

As we become increasingly aware of the importance of environmental issues, the importance of sustainable design in eco-friendly architecture is even more important.  PRP Architects in Lexington, Kentucky is an eco-friendly architectural firm.  An important element of sustainable design is the construction of the buildings in which we live. It’s not enough anymore for sustainable building practices to be added on as an afterthought; instead they must be embedded into every aspect of the design process. 

The hallmark of PRP Architects is professional integrity, which means knowing the difference between impractical dreaming and creative solution-seeking.  It includes knowing how to balance tradition with new solutions.  In order for our firm to maintain the high level of satisfaction our clients have with us, we begin and end our design process with the focus clearly on them.  We work with our clients directly, so there are no intermediaries to confuse communication. Personal attention, collaborative spirit, active communication, integrity and professional growth motivate our services.

Eco-friendly architecture design begins with an understanding that a project’s components are interdependent systems. The separate disciplines that go into the design and construction of a custom home must work together to contribute to the success of the entire project. And in a larger sense, the project’s success contributes in some way to the success of ecological, social, and economic systems. Sustainable design represents a responsibility to the client, their families, the community, and to future generations.  PRP Architects have the professional strengths to integrate the myriad of concepts brought to a custom home design by the client, the builder, the landscape architect and interior designer. 

At PRP Architects, we’re proud that, despite the trends and transitions that continually influence architecture, a simple set of core values has helped bring us to where we are today.  And these will continue to guide us into the future. These deep-seated ideas align with the markets we serve and influence the way we work. We strive to design inspirational spaces in which to live, work and play that contribute to the long-term sustainability of their contexts. It’s the ultimate measure for everything we do. We’re proud to be raising awareness of being better stewards of the environment.  PRP has been recognized with many AIA sustainability awards, as well as public and private recognition for green design and energy efficiency.  Our architects and designers are LEED Accredited Professionals.  Eco-friendly architecture is at the center of our work.

Given the significant impact of human development on the natural environment, eco-friendly practices have considerable capacity to reduce energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve human health and quality of life.  PRP Architects believe that sustainable development of the built environment must be concurrent with the protection of the natural environment for present and future generations.  Every day we hear about the negative implications of climate change as pollution levels continue to rise and our carbon footprint increases in size every year.  It’s time to think differently and consider investing in sustainable, eco-friendly architecture as a way to greatly reduce the negative effects of climate change. 

Eco-friendly architecture focuses on building more efficiently by minimizing the footprint of the development site.  Eco-friendly architecture uses local and sustainable materials and incorporates more efficient mechanical systems, ultimately to minimize a building’s overall impact on the environment.  This has the potential to change the way society views the environment.  It is a well-known and proven fact at PRP that architecture is able to shape our perspective and shift the cultural norm. At PRP, we’re inspired by the vision of our clients.  We listen to our clients’ needs and bring their vision to life.  To learn more about PRP Architects, located in Lexington, KY, call us at (859) 268-1720.