Sustainable residential architecture at PRP Architects is reflected in materials, construction methods and resources used. 

Sustainable design is a basic responsibility, and our process at PRP Architects in Lexington, Kentucky minimizes overall environmental impact, optimizes whole building efficiencies and has long lasting health benefits for those who occupy the space. We think of sustainability as fully integrated into the design of every space and minimizing the carbon foot of every project.  We aim to create better homes and buildings utilizing less energy while maintaining the highest attention to detail and thoughtful design. 

We are proponents of sustainable design at PRP Architects and we are LEED® accredited.  We are passionate about our work, about architecture and the environment, and it is reflected in the process, the level of service provided and the end product. It is extremely important to us that the end product be something that is beautiful, functional and responsible – something in which our clients take pride.  Sustainable residential architecture entails building with best practices in order to build the most durable homes and office buildings by having future generations in mind. Sustainable design minimizes negative environmental impact by building efficiently, including sensible yet moderate use of materials, energy and space. 

Sustainable residential architecture is beneficial for many reasons, as it is reflected in a building’s materials, construction methods, resource use and design in general. While it has to be functional and aesthetically superior, the space must be constructed with the mind-set of achieving long-term energy and resource efficiency.  As we become increasingly aware of the importance of environmental issues, there is one area of our lives in which sustainability is now more crucial than ever. And that’s the construction of the buildings in which we live.  Sustainable design promotes the health of the building’s occupants at the same time as it reduces the negative effects of the construction process on the environment.

Relationships are the foundation of everything we do at PRP Architects.  While each client sets the tone for the level of green building standards that they want to invest in for their home, PRP recognizes that our contribution to designing homes that make sense for our clients and our environment is simply the right thing to do. We work tirelessly to deliver excellent work.  We strive for a high level of communication that fosters strong personal relationships that extend beyond the project. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor for each of our clients, proving that we always have their best interests at heart. We focus on solving problems with thoughtful and practical solutions.  We combine our capabilities with a unique project management and delivery process to ensure client satisfaction.

PRP Architects specialize in affordable, sustainable residential design.  We are conscious and concerned about the environment and the preservation of our natural resources. We approach all projects individually. We strive to integrate environmentally sustainable design with green technologies and materials, whenever possible. We are committed to effective communication and attention to detail through all phases of design and construction.  PRP creates spaces that are inspiring, healthy and resilient. We listen to our clients’ needs and bring their vision to life.  

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